The National Institute for Health Research Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Oxford (NIHR DEC Oxford) is at the forefront of evaluating and testing in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) in primary care settings.

Currently, NHS primary care clinicians have very limited access to modern diagnostic tests. Yet, technological developments in point of care tests (i.e. "fingerprick" tests) mean that many blood tests which currently require samples to be sent to central laboratories can now be done during patient visits.

Better diagnoses could improve the care given to patients with chronic conditions requiring regular monitoring (e.g. diabetes), make new diagnoses faster with increased efficiency and accuracy, and potentially reduce the need for hospital referral. These new innovations could improve the quality of patient care and experience, and improve use of NHS resources.

The NIHR DEC Oxford has emerged from expertise in primary care research and diagnostic research, and provides core resources to establish the group as a national resource for the UK in identifying, evaluating, and implementing in vitro diagnostic tests in primary care. The facility is administered by the University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. 

We work in collaboration with frontline primary care clinicians, diagnostic test researchers, the diagnostics industry, NHS laboratory services, commissioners of health care, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) diagnostics programme, and other relevant NHS groups.

As part of our role in supporting the UK’s diagnostics industries, we welcome enquiries from industry partners regarding services that our team offers.

who we work with

We work with a range of organisations, including the Technology Strategy Board and the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association.

NIHR Infrastructure at the University of Oxford

The NIHR DEC Oxford forms part of the NIHR Infrastructure, a series of facilities funded by the NIHR to provide the NHS with the facilities and support it needs for first class research.

This infrastructure includes the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care Oxford (NIHR CLAHRC Oxford). Also administered by the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, this works closely with clinicians, patients, commissioners and the public to research and implement innovation in care across Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley region.